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Strategic Alliances

International partnerships have always been instrumental in OBS’s success and will continue to play an essential role in the company’s future. This is precisely the reason why OBS is one of the very few companies in Pakistan which has specialized in developing strategic business alliances with reputed international firms like Merck & Co. inc. USA. We have achieved this by providing a full range of high quality professional services encompassing manufacturing, marketing and sales of pharmaceutical and consumer health products. Thereby, providing our partners the opportunity to extend their businesses in Pakistan.

Our business partners receive end-to-end solutions for their operations as we ensure:

  • Timely and effective regulatory management and registration of pharmaceutical products with the respective Health Authorities.
  • Strong marketing through a creative and dynamic marketing team.
  • Effective sales through a highly zealous and proactive sales team.
  • Strong credibility with the financial institutions,
  • An efficient supply chain and information system.
  • Effective and timely distribution through a robust nationwide distribution network.
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