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R & D

We at OBS Pakistan (Pvt) Limited believe in delivering products of the highest quality to patients around the world .We have a strong Quality Management System dedicated to continuous improvement of in line products at dedicated R&D Laboratory .

OBS Pakistan (Pvt) Limited has a well equipped Research & Development Laboratory to handle:

  • New product development projects related to all Oral Dosage Forms including Tablets (Immediate /Controlled Release), Hard and Soft Gelatin Capsules, Semi Solid Dosage Forms, Oral Liquids & Suspension/Dry Suspensions.
  • Studies related to Development/Testing/Stability for change of Source of Supply Excepients and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API ).
  • Studies related to change in Manufacturing Process.
  • Excepients & API compatibility Validation studies.
  • Formulation Development and Optimization.

All R&D Laboratory manufactured small scale batches follow a strict Stability Management Program for Testing and Stability as per ICH Guide Lines. Documentation of each R&D batch is well maintained in compliance with the targeted market.

The R&D Laboratory operates under a dedicated highly qualified team of pharmacists/chemists and PhDs. We have a vision to provide products of the highest quality to the people by developing and promoting continuous improvement and initiatives to comply with increasingly stringent regulations and customers expectations.

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