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Supply Chain

Supply ChainOBS Pakistan has a strong Supply Chain Management System ensuring optimum efficiency with regards to their products reaching the customer at the right time, in the right shape and at the right cost. We constantly measure our performance to maintain and even improve our high standards of patient care, cost effectiveness and smart product handling. Constant research allows us to explore the developments in Supply Chain Management internationally and adopt them to provide optimum value to our patients and stakeholders. OBS Pakistan has recently changed its distribution channel from national to a regional network in order to reach maximum patients with more efficiency.


Raw and Packing Material Store

OBS Pakistan has Raw and Packing Material Store with a storage capacity of 10794 sq. ft. and is fully compliant with cGMP/cGWHP i.e. temperature controlled areas are perfectly suited for thermo labile commodities.

Finished Goods Store

The Finished Goods Store has an area of 4902 sq. ft., is fully equipped with a cold storage area capable of maintaining temperature of 2-8 C that is required to store virology products, vaccines and life saving-injectable products.

Business Ethics

OBS Pakistan sells its products strictly through medical professionals, registered pharmacists and license holder distributors and wholesalers.

Regulatory Inspections

At OBS Pakistan, there is complete compliance with regulatory requirements and our facilities are regularly audited by the relevant authorities.

Inventory Management System

OBS Pakistan has a customized ERP solution to manage inventories with efficiency and ensuring required inventory levels at all times.


Besides having its own fleet of vehicles, we have couple of experienced logistics service providers as our strategic partners to carry our products safely to hundreds of destinations across the country.

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