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Quality Control

Quality ControlQuality Control is a part of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), which ensure that the necessary & relevant tests are performed to ascertain the quality of a product before it released for use.

At OBS, new and better generic drugs are being produced at an excellent rate. We are here to ensure that at the same time more exacting and sophisticated analytical methods are being incorporated for quality checks.

The requirements governing the quality control of pharmaceuticals are fulfilled in accordance with the Local Site Practices (QSs/SOPs), local Drug Act, and Compendia like USP, EP/BP & JP.

Quality Control is responsible for the testing of all APIs, raw materials and other constituents, primary packaging components and the drug itself. Total covered area of QC laboratories is 5392 sq. ft.

Each person engaged in the Quality Control department has education, training, and experience to perform the assigned functions. Specific training is provided at particular operation levels include the chemists / microbiologists that allows them to perform effectively and follow Current Good Lab Practices. Training in Current Good Lab Practice is conducted by qualified individuals on a continuous basis and with sufficient frequency. In OBS an adequate number of qualified personnel are always available to perform and supervise all operations in the Quality Control Department.

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