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Corporate Social Responsibility

csr-mainThe company today takes its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very seriously and in this perspective, OBS activities cover a number of areas such as improving access to medicines, educational programs, research and development for disease prevalence, Patient Evaluation Program (PEP) and investing in health related education through its NGO called “Connect”. OBS, through Connect, has always come forth whenever the nation has experienced a crisis. The organization contributed generously towards the relief for the earthquake and flood victims, being amongst the first ones to send their members off with their own trucks with food and medicine supplies to the displaced victims of interior Sindh. The efforts did not stop there, as it continues to provide food baskets to the floods victims to date. The organization believes strongly in being a responsible member of the global community and as a result, has always given monetary donations to various international organizations working for the rehabilitation of victims of natural disasters.  

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Our guiding principal in business remains being a responsible organization that ensures it makes a difference in the lives of the community members where we operate. We endeavor to proactively understand the needs and concern of its members and make a meaningful contribution through our organizational resources and abilities for their sustainable development and growth.

OBS believes in not just imparting education and training to their employees, rather education being amongst the building blocks of the society. Therefore, it has remained a major contributor towards the building of a fully equipped library for Karachi's deserving students. Going one step further, it also provides scholarships for certain students enrolled in technical training institutions in Karachi, Pakistan.

Connect also works closely with NICH, and provides life saving medicines on a regular basis to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at NICH Karachi. It is also currently working towards establishing a maternity home and a healthcare facility for women and children in Karachi. As a part of its Population Planning Program, it provided the Population Planning Department of Pakistan with a large quantity of free contraceptives.

We have always treated the society as an important part of our existence and work continuously towards making  a sustainable difference. Connect fully contributes in the noble cause of Family Education Services Foundation (FESF) which is a non-profit, educational volunteer organization working since 1984 in Pakistan. Connect actively participates in annual events/activities of FESF for the underprivileged and physically challenged students and we contribute our moral, financial and physical efforts.

The organization with the efforts of its employees and stakeholders looks forward to more philanthropic endeavors that make a difference in peoples’ lives.

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