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Our Strength

our-strengthAt OBS we invest consistently on our manufacturing facilities, infrastructure and our people. This contributes in incremental improvement and upgrading our organizational capabilities which in turn help us to remain competitive and enable us to grow our market share.

We also strongly believe that people who work for us our the key drivers of success for the business and are the most important asset for any organization and therefore OBS regularly invests in the training and development of its human resource through both internal and external training and development programs.

OBS is committed to deliver novel medicines to fulfill unmet medical needs of patients. At OBS, our first priority is to provide quality medicines for which the manufacturing facility plays a significant role. For this, OBS has state of the art manufacturing plant that is built on international standards with a covered area of around 96,000 square feet on three acres of land with a sterile area for the production of high quality parental medicines. The plant facility is equipped to manufacture, package and release solid products (including tablets and capsules) and sterile liquids. Quality Operations are fully equipped with latest Quality Control and Quality Assurance techniques to ensure highly précised testing results which meet the highest quality standards in line with latest cGMP requirements.

Another cornerstone for ensuring quality is our technical team and therefore OBS has retained all the MSD and Organon trained professionals who are regularly upgrading their skills by exchange of knowledge with their MSD international technical team. The technical training program of OBS Pakistan provides orientation, education and training on cGMP guidelines and compliance with government regulations and corporate policies and procedures. cGMP training programs are designed to ensure that all employees involved in the manufacturing and control of a pharmaceutical products are properly trained.

In addition to the above, OBS has been heavily investing to further upgrade the plant in order to ensure the highest standards of manufacturing. OBS today is one of the very few companies in Pakistan to develop a modular clean room facility as per cGMP standards for the manufacturing of hormonal soft gel capsules. We have also installed and started the operations of a new inject able line which will keep us ahead of the competition.

Due to above mentioned measures to ensure quality and high standards; OBS has been given the highest rating by the health officials in a recent inspection for the renewal of our manufacturing license.

Change with the changing environment is indeed necessary to meet diversification in any business situation therefore a dedicated Strategic Planning and New Business Development Department at OBS is continuously striving for new ventures and avenues to ensure sustainable growth and to maximize the market share.

The management at OBS has always believed their people to be cornerstone of their success and has strived to earn the trust of those they work with. They constantly strive to meet their mission of maximizing their stakeholder’s value by being a profitable provider of high quality healthcare solutions to meet and exceed their customer needs and expectations. By staying true to these codes of beliefs, the company makes a meaningful difference in all that it does because at OBS we believe that it is all about success, being competitive and creating value. It’s about tomorrow and making sure the company is address the future needs of people whose lives we touch.

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