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World Hypertension Day 2018

World Hypertension Day is a global event to spread awareness about Hypertension and the importance to keep it in control. OBS Pakistan, being a responsible organization, reinstated its pledge to make a difference in people’s life, and collaborated with Pakistan Hypertension League (PHL) and played its role in disseminating awareness amongst the general public regarding importance for people to KNOW their BLOOD PRESSURE NUMBER.


OBS Pakistan and Pakistan Hypertension League joined hands and conducted series of activities including symposium, awareness walks and distributed awareness material across Pakistan. OBS further involved healthcare professionals all over Pakistan through distribution of World Hypertension Day insignia. The insignia is the proud initiative of OBS Pakistan which has been adapted by Pakistan Hypertension League as the official symbol to mark World Hypertension Day. Pakistan Hypertension League shared the insignia with World Hypertension League as well and suggested to make it the global symbol for World Hypertension Day.

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