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Making A Difference in our OBS Children’s Lives

Kamil -_121x141Kamran -_121x141Garnering and strengthening bonds that we make with our society is as important as being socially responsible citizen of the community that we live in. In keeping with our continued focus on our CSR efforts, we are delighted to announce that our two OBS adopted children, Kamran Noor Ali and Kamil Ali have done exceptionally well at FESF in this past academic year.

Kamran Noor Ali joined FESF in November 2011 and since then has managed to acquire one of the top three positions in his class. He has also been an active participant in various FESF extra curricular activities, molding himself into a high spirited, well rounded student. Kamil Ali has been promoted to Class VIII and has excelled in the area of arts and crafts and has taken a keen interest in stitching and embroidery. He was particularly excited when being given the chance to attend an exclusive stitching and embroidery course conducted at the Alliance Francaise by Elisabeth Roulleau, a specialist in this field.

Occasions such as these serve as a testament to the remarkable improvement that can be made with our support and develop into motivation for the OBS team to continue to make a difference in people’s lives.





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