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Topic: Management of Hypertension with Comorbidities & Complications

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman,  of Cyberjaya University of Malaysia

Venues: Punjab Institute of Cardiology Lahore, PC Lahore, PC Rawalpindi,  AFIC Rawalpindi, Shifa International Islamabad, Sheraton Karachi,  Serena Faisalabad, Indus Hotel Hyderabad, NICVD Karachi.

Objective:  Discuss the co morbidities and complications associated with hypertension. Elaborate the various latest treatment modalities available for HTN.

Prof. Rashid delivered a presentation where he discussed in detail, Hypertension and its associated co morbidities and complications. He also discussed the treatment of hypertension in the light of latest clinical trials and elaborated on the first line therapy of hypertension.

Dr. Rashid also chaired a round table discussion at Sheraton Karachi with prominent doctors from Aga Khan University Hospital. He highlighted his experience in using Losatran as a first line therapy.

Mr. Tarek, CEO OBS Pakistan, Mrs. Adeela Tarek, MD OBS Pakistan, and other note worthy head office personals were also present at Karachi Sheraton.

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Notable Panelists:

Prof. Zahid Yaseen Hashmi           Prof. Abdul Hafeez Chaudhry                 Associate Prof. Amir Shoukat         

Prof. Mohsin Nazeer                      Dr. Faraz Saeed Quereshi                      Dr. Anees Memon                        

Prof. Khan Shah Zaman                Dr. Ishtiaq Rasool                                   Dr. Fawad Farooqui               

Gen. Tassawar                             Gen. Ashoor Khan                                   Prof. Nighat Bilal 

Prof. Shahbaz Quereshi               Gen. Asif Ali Khan                                   Brig. Qaisar Khan

Col. Imran                                     Prof. Ejaz Vohra                                      Prof. Abou Noem Farooqui

Dr. Fatima Jawad                         Prof. Mansoor Ahmed                             Prof. Bashir Hanif

Dr. Khalid A Khalil                        Prof. Khalida Soomro                              Prof. Zafarullah Khan

Prof. Aziz ur Rehman                   Prof Aftab Mohsin                                   Prof Bilal Zikriya Khan

Prof. M. Azhar                              Prof. Nadeem Hayat Malik                      Dr. Hassan ul Banna Ghazi

Dr. Saqib Shafi Shaikh                 Dr. Shahid Amin                                     Prof. Nazeer Memon                           

Prof. Feroz Memon                      Prof. Noor M. Memon                             Prof. Bikha Raam

Prof. Niaz A. Shaikh                     Prof. Fasih Ahmad Hashmi                    Prof Zaman Shaikh


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