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OBS Kids - Kamran & Kamil

At OBS we take responsibility to contribute and nurture the needs of our community very seriously.  In keeping with our continued focus on CSR efforts, OBS is delighted to announce its adoption of two bright and spirited boys named Kamil Ali and Kamran Noor Ali from Family Educational Services Foundation. OBS is devoted to ‘Making a Difference in Kamil Ali_-_121x141People’s Life’ and continues to do so by taking responsibility of these young minds.

Kamil Ali (Class 7)

Kamil joined the Deaf Reach School in November 2011. He is a little shy compared to his classmates but is well-mannered and serious about his studies. Initially he was enrolled in the ‘Advanced Introductory’ level, which is an accelerated course for new students. Since he was quick to grasp concepts and very eager to learn, it enabled him to make the shift to Class 7 after the first term. He enjoys creative activities such as painting and crafts and does not let his disability hamper his progress in any way. 

Kamran Noor_-_121x141Kamran Noor (Class 5)

Kamran was enrolled at the Deaf Reach School in April 2009. A fiery ball of energy, he is usually the most upbeat and energetic child in his class. His has a fondness of computers and takes full of advantage of his favorite subject which is Computer Studies.  Even though both children are deaf, their demeanor towards life and their environment is positive and forward looking. 

OBS realizes it has an obligation to give back to its community and we do so diligently. We look to make meaningful and sustained efforts to make a difference in people’s life that lasts long term through our products as well as our community service. As an organization we need to work towards ensuring that these children have a fair chance in life and we contribute in making them a positive member of our community.

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