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Human Resources - Mission Statement

Human Resources partners with our business unit to maximize the potential of our greatest asset, our EMPLOYEES. We embrace change and the opportunity it brings. We ensure the implementation of our organizational strategy by building a transparent performance management system, a leadership development framework and a collaborative culture; all for the attraction and retention of top talent.


Message from HR

At OBS, we understand the importance of our human capital in differentiating us from our competitors. Therefore, we believe in hiring the best talent, extensively invest in their development, and ensure their long term retention for sustainable business success. Our business model ensures that our employees are presented with continued challenging assignments which provides them on-going professional development and opportunities for career advancement. We offer an empowering environment where employees are encouraged to be creative and rewarded to do things well differently. Our focus is to build integration and synergy across the various functions and we look to find ideas and innovation in every corner of the institution. Going forward we look to promote cross functional teams working on delivering value in organizational, financial and business processes. We reward and recognize the performance and contribution of our employees to build a high performance organization. This is achieved through a relentless focus on our Performance Management System which ensures that the performance is assessed transparently and all our employees receive fair rewards. We diligently strive to achieve global benchmarks, at all times, because we believe in always being best at what we do.

Human Resources- OBS


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