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OBS Participates in Karachi University Job Fair 2018

At OBS, we understand the importance of our human capital in differentiating us from our competitors. Therefore, we believe in hiring the best talent, extensively invest in their development, and ensure their long term retention for sustainable business success. In line with our objective to become employer of choice, the OBS team participated in Annual Job Fair 2018 organized by Karachi University Pharmacy Department on 9 th and 10 th January at Karachi University New Pharmacy Building.  

This program comprised of a two day agenda, where career counseling sessions, general mock tests and recruitment drive (walk in Interviews) were the key activities to engage and shortlist potential talent
for internships and management trainee positions. his talk, Mr. Nehal discussed the prospects of a student, highlighting how a pharmacist can take part in the new dimensions of industrial pharmacy.
presentation aimed at sharing the OBS Vision, Mission, History and Values with all participants to enhance and establish corporate brand value Whereas the second part was aimed at helping students to discover their capabilities and talent in order to make the right career choice. The presentation was followed by a short Q & A session where students eagerly put forward their queries and were all answered diligently. The audience showed great appreciation and acceptance for OBS.
Next day, the HR Commercial Team was present at Karachi University where they conducted walk in interviews of the students at the OBS booth. The event ended with a closing ceremony where all participating companies were thanked while shields as token of appreciation were presented to their representatives.
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