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Power Minds

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OBS has gathered a pool of talent individuals with vast experiences and diverse backgrounds. The need was to align their thoughts and direct their energies towards standards tailored for OBS. The objective was also to communicate the believe that long lasting differentiation can only be reached with out-of-the-box, scientific, professional and innovative ideas that positively contribute towards the healthcare eco system and ultimately for the betterment of the society. This would further streamline the career advancements and nurture inner talents for filling future leadership positions.


Laying the Foundations of Mentorship – in True Essence

The activity was scientifically designed to illustrate marketing timeline and ideal strategic direction. First time in the history of OBS a level of Director Commercial took the audience through a mesmerizing tour of ground breaking marketing milestones and resulting successes. The workshop encompassed an extensive review of marketing tools and strategies used over time in the industry, and the learning associated with each approach.


Promoting collaborative thinking

The Power Minds workshop also set a norm of collaborative brainstorming and Brand idea coordination. Existing brands were selected and new horizons were explored by revisiting marketing strategies. The practice ignited corporate ownership and stronger commitment towards congruent goals.


Participation across the board with a practical approach

Following Phillip Kotler’s theory of sales and marketing sharing the same set of strategies, cross functional teams were designed with a mix of Product Managers and National Sales Managers, led by Business Heads, to act as one synergistic unit, applying their inherent talents and expertise to devise Pre-Launch, Launch, and Post Launch campaigns for new brands. The three teams were given challenging timelines to adjust in an open atmosphere by the sea, and collectively think of what could be the best possible set of result oriented campaigns, to record an ideal launch. The teams were further facilitated by inputs from Dr. Faizan Shaukat, who shared his ideas on medico marketing, so as to truly exhibit a scientific approach as an integral part of campaigns.


The End result

The participants witnessed a wave of creativity flowing in the arena, as innovative ideas from each team uplifted the morale and further illuminated the minds. The session ended with a holistic review of the take-home learning points and experiences, followed by a candid feedback session by the participants.


Next Step

The platform paved the way for an Idea Inception Meeting which will inculcate in-house idea generating engine. Director Commercial  - Dr Syed Asad Abbas conducted a stand-alone session encompassing sharing of industry practices, new marketing trends and a very enriching journey through marketing timeline.


Director Commercial Dr Asad laying foundation of Mentorship – in real essence









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