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National Sales Conference


National Sales Conference – REBORN
January 25-27, 2017
Event Report
OBS conducted its first ever National Sales Conference comprising all teams of OBS Pakistan; Jaguars, Spartans, Hawks, Warriors, Tigers and Falcons. The conference was labeled “ToGatherNess 2017” to inculcate on the idea of “One Team One Mission.” This year the national sales conference was starkly different from the previous ones as active participation from the sales force was key feature of the event. Furthermore, apart from the sales and marketing functions, there was participation from all the functional heads of OBS namely, Human Resources, NPD, Plant Operations, Business Development, Regulatory Affairs, Distribution, Business Intelligence, Finance, and Procurement. 
The agenda was to leave behind key messages for Team OBS, including a detailed overview of the policy changes being implemented in OBS, the future strategic direction, an introduction of the new team members and vision sharing. The event started off with an interactive session with the HR, highlighting the organizational policies and structure. A compliance training followed right after, which included guidelines to maintain the OBS brand as the most compliant pharmaceutical firm in Pakistan.
The first night was one of a kind talent show, where OBS team members were the stars of the night, performing solo and in teams to bag the top prize winning spots. The night was filled with lots of laughter and applause, and everyone left as a winner. The next day was the annual conference, with speeches and theme unveiling. The day started with 10 years celebration of OBS and continued with speeches, workshops, and performance commitments. Proceedings further got exciting as heavy snowfall was witnessed on that day, and the team was given plenty of time to witness the beauty of Bhurban!
The event continued with a musical night with a renowned singer, Naeem Abbas Rufi, with a fantastic live performance in all regional languages that unified the crowd and gave him an applause that he’d remember. The last day included a closing note of commitment and an oath to outperform our previous benchmarks, and a final team building competition of building the best snowman, held amongst six teams!
It was Friday afternoon, January 27, 2017 when the teams departed to their respective towns with refreshed motivation levels, and heads held high after knowing and understanding the mission they are a part of, which is, Making a Difference in People’s Life!
Dr. Asad Abbas, Commercial Director, presented and unveiled the future direction that OBS Pakistan and what the slogan “One Team One Mission” really means. In his presentation titled “Made in OBS”, the team was given the overview of the past performance and growth trajectory of the company up until 2016 and the direction we are going to take for 2017 and beyond.
The conference was followed by a talent show by the sales team where they performed on skits prepared by them. The performances were judged by all the NSMs and best performers were awarded with gifts. Highlight of the night was a very entertaining musical where the team enjoyed the exhilarating performances.
The Invitation
It was two weeks before the conference, when the OBS team received invitation cards welcoming them to TOGATHERNESS 2017, in the beautiful winters and breathtaking views of Bhurban, from January 25-27, 2017.  Over the course of these three days the teams would have the opportunity to interact with each other and marketing team and develop a stronger relationship with each other through interactive activities. The venue, PC Bhurban, itself was a great stimulant and motivator for the team due to its scenic beauty and excellent facilities.
    Invitation Card:


The Event Kick-off
The conference started off with a formal presentation from the Head of Human Resources, Mr. Shuja Ahmed. He based his presentation on HR functions of OBS and future directions and policy implementations that they have planned to undertake in the near future. After the HR session, there was a short presentation and training on compliance and the dos and don’ts of the industry, where Syed Farhan Ali Hussainy, Manager – Medical Services shared his insights to the OBS Team. The session was closed at that point and final preparations began for the most sought after segment in the conference. 
HoD Introductions
The event started with the recitation of the holy verses from Atif Jameel (RM, Tigers – Karachi) and after the introductory remarks from the hosts, Osama Masood (SPM, Hawks) and Saba Qureshi (PM, Falcons). To start the session, the attending special guests were thanked for making themselves available for the event and being there to interact with the team to brief about their roles in taking OBS forward. Dr. Syed Asad Abbas, Commercial Director – OBS, presented the heads of departments and special guests with souvenirs and shields and thanked them for their efforts to equip the team with the best possible products and circumstances to perform.
    OBS Got Talent
The highlight of the night was what everyone was waiting for the most. For the first time, OBS hosted its very own talent show, where the OBS family played the stars of the night. Auditions were conducted beforehand and the finalists and performers were informed to prepare for their moments of fame. There were multiple categories to display talents, including singing, dancing, mimicry, comedy skits, and standalone comedy. All the participants were assessed by a panel of judges consisting of sales heads representing all business divisions. Through this first of its kind activity in OBS, a platform was created where the teams engaged with each other in healthy competition while upholding the ideal of One Team One Mission. The winners were then given prizes for their extraordinary performances.
Glimpses from OBS GOT TALENT
The Annual Sales Conference
The second day started with a welcome and introductory note by Osama Masood & Saba Qureshi, who told what the annual conference was all about, the idea, the planning, and the vision. After a brief introduction, the floor was handed over to Nimrah Saeed, Deputy Manager – Business Development, for a very special announcement for the OBS family.
    A Decade of Excellence
     Senior Management from OBS Pakistan during the 10 years' cake cutting ceremony
The special announcement was regarding the completion of ten years of OBS. Nimrah Saeed further shed light on how the company started off as the management buyout of one company, and within ten years, established itself as one of the leading pharmaceuticals of the country, with both local and multinational firms under its umbrella. The journey of ten years was shown to the audience in the form of a video, where glimpses of landmark achievements and events throughout the years were shared of an organization that was at sixty fifth position at its inception, and reached among top ten of the industry in a short span of time Inputs were shared by the sales and marketing team members as well, who shed light on how they saw themselves and OBS grow in these years of glory, and how they are confident that this pattern of growth will continue and take everyone associated with the organization to new heights.
This was followed by speeches from the special guests and heads of departments as well, and then an exclusive special appearance of Mr. Tarek Khan – CEO, OBS Group, through a video broadcast. The team was thrilled seeing the General of the Army present amongst them and cherished the words of wisdom that were given to them for the future. The Heads of Departments, including Mr. Rashid Mubashir, Head of Plant, and Dr. Syed Asad Abbas, Commercial Director, also delivered their speeches on OBS completing 10 years in business, before proceeding for the ceremonial cake cutting where all the HoDs gathered on stage to mark 10 years of OBS.
     Mr Rashid sharing his views and insights on 10 years of OBS                  Nimrah Saeed briefing the audience about 10 year land mark                                   Dr.Asad delivering his celebratory speech
  Mr. Rashid Mubashir sharing his views and insights on the 10 years of OBS
Dr. Asad delivering his celebratory speech during the conference
Nimrah Saeed briefing the audience about the 10 year landmark
Mr. Tarek M. Khan addressing the audience on the 10 years of excellence at OBS, through a video message
    Theme Unveiling – TOGATHERNESS 2017
In the midst of charged environment and applause the theme of “One Team One Mission” was unveiled. The theme “329-winning as One” denoted the power of 329 sales force members of OBS is a match for every challenge if they work as one team. A very motivating video was created and shared with the team that shed light on the importance of similar gatherings every year, and inculcating the power one and unity in the clinics next door. To add emphasize on the idea Mr. Rashid Mubashir, Director Plant Operations delivered a very motivating presentation which enthralled the audience and raised their morale. 
   ToGATHERness being unveiled to the team
    The event's theme being revealed
The theme was highlighted showing how 329 soldiers (329 being the quantity of OBS Sales Force personnel) weighed heavier than thousands that stood in competition, with pure and clear aspirations and a vision in mind. The six teams representing OBS Pakistan held hands together and vowed to boost individual performances by helping each other out to reach to a leadership summit. The theme was unveiled with cold fireworks as the crowd c heered for TOGATHERNESS 2017 and the 329 – Winning as one theme. Dr. Asad Abbas then took the stage and further set the hearts of the crowd on fire by sharing the vision of years to come, with future prospects for everyone who performs. 
This is when even Bhurban’s weather gave full support of the program proceedings, and a heavy snowfall started to the team’s ultimate delight. Free time was given to enjoy the surprise, because this was what everyone had hoped for. With lots of fun with the snow, the event’s memory was immortalized through a group picture in PC’s amphitheatre. The session was closed after taking a commitment from the audience and locking it symbolically through a safe lock on a grill. 


Glimpses of the unveiling and the symbolic display of commitment

Made in OBS – The Leadership Development Plan

Dr. Asad Abbas, Commercial Director, delivered a presentation / workshop titled “Made in OBS”, elaborating the journey that OBS has undertaken in the past ten years. The presentation discussed the growth trajectory of OBS, challenges undertaken and achievements of past ten years, culture of OBS and most importantly the vision for the future and company’s expectations from the field force. Dr. Asad Abbas congratulated the teams for their past performances, but also emphasized on adapting the change to take the performance much higher to achieve our future goals. The Sales team was highly motivated to embrace the change and adopt the philosophy of “One Team One Mission.” A workshop was further planned in the same session whereby the audience mentioned what areas they wished to develop in themselves, how much time do they give themselves to grow and reach higher in their career, and what would be the steps they would take to find themselves to be a better person.

Glimpses from MADE IN OBS
 Musical Night

The event continued with a musical night with a renowned singer, Naeem Abbas Rufi, with a fantastic live performance in all regional languages that unified the crowd and gave him an applause that he’d remember. The artist, who has been associated with multiple TV channels and has performed in Coke Studio as well, knew exactly what beats to touch so as to set the crowd ablaze. The audience did not hold back appreciation for the live performer and sang, danced and enjoyed together. Rufi sensed the multi cultural and diverse background audience, and sang in Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto and Sindhi, which ran an electric current in the crowd.

Closing & Return
The last day included a closing note of commitment and an oath to outperform our previous benchmarks, and a final team building competition of building the best snowman, held amongst six teams. The closing note was delivered by Dr. Syed Asad Abbas, who gave the team a new direction and a new dimension to look at the competitive scenario and personal performance and development. He shed light on the purpose of the three days and two nights spent with the team, and how OBS plans to take it forward in years to come. Finally, he recognized the team that helped organize TOGATHERNESS 2017, as it had broken previous records of team involvement and grandeur. 
The snowman competition was an inter team activity that was planned after heavy snowfall turned the clay tennis courts into snow rings. Six teams of 6 players each were assembled and given a task to create the best possible snowman. The competition went on for about an hour, after which the top three teams were rewarded. 
The sales team had not experienced such an event before; therefore, the feedback was highly positive and motivation was sky high. The team has committed to perform even better in future to take OBS to greater heights in future.
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