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FitzLoc Launch 2016



OBS has taken one more step towards its success by adding another flower i.e.  Fitzloc tablets in the  bouquet of its new product launches. Fitzloc contains Levetiracetam, an anticonvulsant, which will further strengthen the Neuropsychiatry portfolio of OBS. The launch celebrations started with prayers for the speedy recovery of patients experiencing fits by using this quality product from OBS  i.e  Fitzloc along with prayers for health and growth of all stakeholders of OBS . This was followed by cake cutting ceremony both at Plant and at Head Office graced by Senior Group Director, Mrs. Adeela Tarek Khan and Managing Director, Dr. Ali Afzal, along with all members of OBS  family. Office was decorated with purple, blue and green coloured theme colours to represent three different strengths and packs of Fitzloc .The launch cake was designed in the shape of “Lock” to enforce and promote Fitzloc’s theme i.e. to unlock the darkness by locking the fits of patients so that patients can live a fits-free and bright life. Mrs. Adeela Tarek Khan and Dr. Ali Afzal shared their views on continuously providing new quality medicines for the patients and on the continuous growth of OBS and its members.

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