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Nergab Launch

The Neuropsychiatry team, one of the biggest teams in OBS group, recently had an addition in their portfolio. On the 3rd, 4th and 5th of September’ 2015, team Neuropsychiatry launched Nergab, containing pregabalin. Nergab is introduced in a segment which has a growth rate much higher than the Pakistan Pharmaceutical market, giving it a potential to become one of the biggest brand of OBS.

Nergab, pregabalin is indicated in fibromyalgia, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, post herpetic neuralgia, partial onset seizures and neuropathic pain due to spinal cord injury.

The launch ceremony for Nergab took place in the beautiful and relaxing location of Murree. Hotel Metropole hosted the 3 days event. The launch event started after lunch on the 3rd of September. The entire field force divided into 4 sub teams, each team represented the 4 different strengths of Nergab. Blue, purple, green and orange colored product branded t-shirts were worn by the team. A competition among these teams was also announced for all three days. The winner at the end was to be given the Nergab trophy. The opening of the session was done by our MD, Dr. Ali Afzal, who motivated the team and showed what opportunities are available for them. After the opening rest of the day was led by Dr. Saeed Sheikhani, Director Medical, who gave the Medical Training to the team.

After the medical training the team was gathered outdoors to celebrate the launch of Nergab, cake cutting and release of sky lanterns in the clear sky marked the official launch of Nergab. The celebration followed by a bonfire and live bar b que.

The next day started early morning with a tough quiz, followed by the marketing plan presentation by the Product Manager. The team was then involved in an interactive target setting activity by the NSM, Mr. Khurram Iqbal. The team cheered as the lucrative incentive schemed was announced and pledged to achieve highest possible sales for Nergab.

Then the team was involved in a few team building activities, which were possibly the most memorable activities for everyone. These activities focused on observation, listening, planning, team work and controlling skills. Every one participated in these activities actively.

The team building activities were followed by the detailing sessions. Role playing and model detailing were practiced. The rest of the evening the team was free to enjoy the ever crowded Mall Road.

The last day started with the results of the quiz, detailing sessions and the team building activities. Prize distribution was held in which the Blue team won the Nergab trophy. Then the meeting came to a close with closing and motivating remarks by the BUH, Mr. Amir Habib.

Overall the team is energetic and motivated and very much confident that they can make this product a success and make it stand among the top brands of the pharmaceutical market making OBS proud.

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