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Farewell Dinner Aamir Mirza & Usman Ghani


Mr. & Mrs. Tarek M. Khan, hosted a farewell dinner on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at Dynasty, Avari Towers, Karachi in the honor of Mr. Aamir Mirza, DGM Production Planning & Warehousing and Mirza Usman Ghani, Sr. Manager Finance and accounts. The dinner was attended by executives and sr. officers of the Companies.

Mr. Aamir Mirza left us after 22 years of dedicated and distinguish career. He was methodical and meticulous in planning the production requirements of the Company and led in this sphere by example and imaginative approach.

Mirza Usman Ghani stellar services spanned over seven years. He set the examples of probity and fastidiousness and inspired his team to attain time-bound objectives with clarity and precision.

OBS Pakistan Pvt. Ltd wishes them all the success in their future endeavors.

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