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OBS holds A Vigorous Cycle Planning Meeting

Tarek M Khan, CEO-OBS, has said Excellence is never an Accident. During his address to the front liners, CEO said that the Company is on a growth trajectory because of its unique business model and its talented sales force.

“Success in life comes from one simple thing: taking ownership of what you do,” said Mr. Anjum Fahim, Director Marketing and Sales while addressing the sales force. “The only way we can succeed is to place in efforts along with knowledge and motivation”

The 4 day conference held at a Sheraton was attended by OBS’s countrywide sales management teams Finance, Human Resource, and Marketing departments.

Participants were given the opportunity to share their observations, experiences and successes regarding OBS’s product sales & services, initiatives & promotions, distribution & revenue streams, as well as regional issues & trends.

Led by Mr. Saeed Shekhani, Director Medical Affairs and Training, The Medical Team invested valuable time in Training the Field force.

The sales force learned new strategies for diversifying sales approaches, maximizing customer experience and achieving business targets delivered by the Product Management.

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