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We Make a Difference in People's Life

We make a Difference in People's Life

At OBS we invest consistently on our manufacturing facilities, infrastructure and our people.  This contributes in incremental improvement and upgrading our organizational capabilities which in turn help us to remain competitive and enable us to grow our market share.

We also strongly believe that people who work for us are the key drivers of success for the business and are the most important asset for any organization and therefore OBS regularly invests in the training and development of its human resource through both internal and external training and development programs.

OBS is committed to deliver novel medicines to fulfill unmet medical needs of patients.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The company today takes its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very seriously and in this perspective, OBS activities cover a number of areas such as improving access to medicines, educational programs, research and development for disease prevalence, Patient Evaluation Program (PEP) and investing...

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Clinical Research

Aklima Clinical Research today is functioning as a Clinical Research Organization offering the capability of conducting Phase I – IV Clinical Trials, and has the capacity to support related Trial Management Services. Key result areas include Clinical Trials Management, Resource Development and Training...


News & Events

  • OBS Women Day


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  • Hep-Partnering for the Cure!

    MyHep-Partnering for the Cure!

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  • FitzLoc

    FitzLoc Launch 2016

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  • Santen Launch 2016

    Santan Launch 2016

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  • New Product Nausidox Launch

    Nausidox Launch 2016

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  • MT Program 2015 Closing Ceremony

    OBS has successfully completed its first Management Trainee Program 2015.

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  • Iftar Dinner OBS Group - 2016

    OBS Iftar Dnner 2016.

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  • World Diabetes Day 2015

    World Diabetes Day (WDD) is the global awareness campaign ..

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  • World Disability Day 2015

    On December 02, 2015 OBS observed the World Disability Day

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  • A Day with OBS Boys

    At OBS corporate social responsibility has always been ...

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  • International Day for Senior Citizens

    October 1, 2015 marks the International Day for senior citizens ..

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  • World Sight Day 2015

    World Sight Day is an international day of awareness, held annually ..

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  • Nergab Launch

    The launch ceremony for Nergab took place in the ..

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  • Cycle Planning Meeting

    For the first time OBS Pakistan held a CPM session

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  • OBS has acquired AGP Pvt. Ltd on July 28th, 2014

    OBS has acquired AGP Pvt. Ltd on July 28th, 2014 ...

    Visit AGP Website


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  • Independence Day 2015

    Keeping alive the spirit of independence August 14, 1947 and ..

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  • EHS Awards 2015

    OBS recieved 1st International EHS Award, standing 1st position on

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  • Aspire Conference 2015

    The ASPIRE was founded in 2001 to improve knowledge and awareness

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  • Launch of Ikodil

    Ikodil Field Launch was done aggressively by OBS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. on 9th February

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  • Jaguars on the Go

    Jaguars have been a witness to what is nothing less than a marketing miracle; a launch of two generic products Xovat & C-yalta

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